Astrophotography by Sven Wischmann

Rooftop observatory

Since I was tired of always setting up everything, aligning it and then taking it down again, as well as the time that is “lost” in the process, I converted our unused attic into a small rooftop observatory in summer 21. Even though it is located in the middle of Oldenburg (Bortle 5/6), it offers enormous advantages such as the use of small weather windows.

After careful preliminary planning, I decided on a retractable roof solution. A hinged roof would have been too costly and would have disturbed the look of the roof too much. Due to the low height of the pointed floor – approx. 1.40m to the ridge – I had to find a compromise. This leads to the fact that the parking position of the telescope does not correspond to the pole alignment, but it has to be parked approximately in a horizontal position.

Fortunately, I had a load-bearing wall under the planned position for the mount. Therefore, I was able to install a concrete column with a column adapter quite easily. Contrary to initial fears, there are no vibrations, neither from impact sound nor from the use of the room below.

Here are a few pictures showing the individual construction phases:

opening of the roof
opening finished
overhanging side panelling finished
hinged roof finished
foundation transition to the wall
concrete formwork for the column foundation
pier adapter adjusment
rooftop observatory nearly finished

After some time of use, I have not regretted it. I now use even the smallest weather windows, even if the sky here is anything but dark.

The effort was kept within limits, a total of approx. 5 days of working time went into this. The costs amounted to approx. 500€.

In case you have further questions, don´t hesitate and contact me.

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